Unbreak Me

Unbreak Me - Lexi Ryan I have read other Lexi Ryan novels and I've always loved her books, but this one...Wow! There was so much emotion in this book you feel the hurt radiating off of the page. The characters are so well developed you feel for them. You have Maggie, Will, and Asher. Maggie is broken. Will tried to heal her and failed, but would like to try again. Then there's Asher, who doesn't try to heal Maggie, but who shows her instead that she was no longer broken. There's so much pain and so much redemption in this story I had such a hard time putting it down. Everyone needs an Asher, sexy and wise. But Will, handsome in his own right, has a deep abiding love for her that time has yet to kill. Maggie needs a happy ever after. Which one can give it to her? I loved this book. It was emotional, raw, steamy as heck, and unforgettable. Five stars.