The Devil's Arithmetic

The Devil's Arithmetic - Jane Yolen Hannah is a bored preteen, tired of her Jewish family's traditions and her weird grandfather's outbursts. On the night of Passover Seder, she opens the door to greet the profit Elijah, but instead enters the past. Now she finds herself in the train being shipped to the camps for processing, were every day is one more day she's alive. This book is important. Told in a manner preteens can understand, it tells of the horrors of life in the camp. Little it held back. There are better books of this time period, like Someone Named Eva, and there are way worse (Boy in The Striped Pajamas), but this book is one of the few for fifth grade and up that tells of camp life. Families are separated, Children die, tears are silent, and rebellion comes in the form of witnessing and remembering. Too many remain with tattooed numbers on their arms with their own stories to tell and yet, too many still deny it happened. Until evil is vanquished, books line this need to remain. I read this book so that I could determine if my son was capable of reading this book. I will be handing it to him tomorrow. Why? Because this book is important.